Amazon rain forest on fire, how to save the planet’s lungs?

Burning Amazon

Rupkatha Banerjee, Agami Kalarab: “The Green Ocean”, also known as our very own Amazon rain forest, has been providing water vapors to our atmosphere and producing 20% of the oxygen existing on Earth. Yet, the citizens of Mother Earth have failed her by unprecedented deforestation and other human-induced acts of destruction. 

Brazil’s satellite agency has detected more than 74,000 fires in Brazil between January to August.  The fires are emitting carbon monoxide and the immediate effect of these fires will be on the climate of South America.

Policies of the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has been blamed for these fires ,since it has been discovered that he supports clearing the Amazon for agriculture and mining. The president has addressed this issue by focusing on natural phenomena and on the locals “who felt comfortable doing it for personal gain”, i.e. for selling beef and soy from the rain forest. 

Residents of the world are being requested to save Amazon and its tribes. This is both a humanitarian and environmental issue.

It can be mentioned that famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has hired three airplanes which can carry approximately 80,000 liters of water to save the Amazon rain forest; American actor Misha Collins is organizing online charity event GISH hunt 2019 to donate the entire fund to help Amazon tribes.

Those who cannot donate money can sign up on Greenpeace to protest online. Recycling and reusing carbon products, eating less beef and raising awareness are ways to indirectly help this cause.

Most importantly, the co-residents of Planet Earth, are requested to help save the lungs of the Earth. Putting out the current fires is the immediate priority but if we want to save the Amazon for future generations, we must end deforestation. Please keep raising your voices for bolder action by sharing the links (given below) and donating money to the World Wide Fund. If we lose the Amazon we lose the fight against climate change, as well as a huge number of rare plants and animals. It must be a priority for all global agendas.

 we share some links below where we can participate to help Amazon.

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