Causes behind French revolution

fallen of Bastille fort

Megha Das: French revolution which describes the political, economic and ideological upheaval is also termed as revolution 1789. It brought significant changes in the history of France as well as in the world history. This revolution lasted from 1789 to 1799, giving rise to the autocratic era of Nepolean Bonaparte.

14th July 1789 is marked as the beginning of the French revolution when people stormed into Bastille prison. The bastille prison was symbol of the despotic rule in France, so the revolt was initiated by the fall of the Bastille prison. The 3 main causes behind French revolution are: 1.SOCIAL 2.ECONOMIC 3.POLITICAL. Whereas there is one more reason identified by the historians as INTELLECTUAL SOCIAL CAUSE: In those days France society was divided into 3 estates. 1ST ESTATE COMPRISED OF CLERGIES, WHO WERE THE MEMBERS OF CATHOLIC CHURCH LIKE BISHOPS, MONKS, NUNS etc. 2nd ESTATE COMPRISED OF NOBILITY INCLUDED RELATIVES OF KING, QUEEN AND PEOPLE WITH TITLES LIKE DUKE BARON ETC. 3RD ESTATE COMPRISED OF COMMONERS RICH BUSINESSMEN TO PEASANT TO EVEN LANDLESS LABOURERS. THE LABOURERS CONSISTED THE 80 PER CENT OF THE POPULATION.

So, a clear conclusion would be that their prevailed distinction amongst the 3 states it made various discrimination as well as obstacles for the socially depressed people which infuriated them to revolt. Others causes were equally significant. Many political thinkers had equal contribution regarding it.

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