Learn to face the problems

Riddhiman Ray, Agami kalarab: Once on the way to home from a temple, Swami Vivekananda was attacked by monkeys. Scared,he started to run away, so the monkeys got excited and started chasing him.
An old monk was watching the whole thing from a distance. He stopped Swamiji and said,’Face them!’

Taking the monk’s advice, Swamiji stopped and turned towards the monkeys, facing them with a newfound confidence. This startled the monkeys and they started to flee.

The incident puts Swamiji in the face of absolute truth. Later Swamiji mentioned this incident to his young friends and told them– if you are ever afraid of something, don’t turn away from it, face it.
We can learn that, this lesson later convinced Vivekananda to go to Chicago where he raised the victory flag of Hinduism.

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