10 things every Bengali feels while travelling

Rupkatha Banerjee: We are Bengalis. Most of us love travelling. When we stick to doing so in our own country, most of us face a few stereotyped situations, some of them are really fun, some make us proud, some of them however are not as fun.
These are some things that we are sure you have faced as well, at least once while travelling in other states of India.

  1. The Rasgulla comment : They always assume that we want only sweet in any dessert shop, a Rasgulla.
  2. Not really vegetarian : The Bengali veg people are not even taken seriously in pure “shakahari” or vegetarian restaurants! They outrageously say that Bengalis eat onions and garlics, so they aren’t ‘really’ veg.
  3. Photo khichde? : Non-Bengalis always accuse us of clicking too many pictures in beautiful spots of a tourist centre. Well, we have news. So do they! Ever noticed around St. Paul’s cathedral church of Kolkata? Although, we do take a 100 pictures in front of the Taj Mahal, sue us! (Just kidding).
  4. Rabindra Sangit : Kaviguru is our pride and we often intentionally play his songs while using the aux cable of a ride that we share with our tourist friends. Not even a little guilty.
  5. Bangali hotel : Be it Manali, Goa or Gangtok, every city has a hotel for our food. Are we even allowed to complain that this is definitely not how we eat our fish or ‘shukto’?
  6. 11 no: Walking is the best policy, especially in hill stations. Beach walks are overrated but that can be fun too, unless the heat is scorching. What is the most fun, however, is the way we Bangalis choose to trek or hitchhike a little, instead of getting on the car every five seconds.
  7. Skipping a meal : The one and only solution to the tummy problems during the huge meals of travel agencies, is to skip a meal. That fixes everything right up.
  8. We carry a lot : We carry a lot of love in our hearts, along with clothes, shampoo, soap, sanitizer, shawls, dry snacks, power bank, a tent, Doraemon’s pocket…no?
  9. Buying gifts : Why in the name of Himalaya we buy gifts for people we met five years ago every time we are in a tourist spot, we can’t explain.
  10. Broken Hindi : Even though we can understand every word you just said, we would rather speak in our broken Hindi and show the state pride. That’s a bit too much honestly, why not speak the National language well from now on, huh?

Which ones do you relate to? Let us know in the comments below.

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