Some easy ways to stay healthy and fit

Shushmit banerjee, Agami Kalarab: We have a general idea that maintaining a healthy body is time consuming and takes a lot of effort. Which, I beg to differ. You just need to do few things like exercise on alternate days if not daily, and maintain a healthy diet. The body has to be kept in order to perform efficiently in normal life otherwise you have to rely on medicines.

From a little experience of bodybuilding and martial arts (karate) I can tell you that even if you have a chronic disease, along with the medicines, you must try the following simple rules, that will be enough to heal and make you healthy and fit like before.

1.Walk as much as possible, at night if not day, on the terrace or even in the room if not on the road. If you have got the opportunity to stand, please don’t sit. If you have a way to sit, avoid leaning down. Use the stairs more often. Many people will think, after reading this, I can’t do so much, our body will not work. My humble request to all, do as per body’s capacity, workout should be synchronised with the understanding of your body, do not force.
2.Spicy, fast food, are becoming now a part of daily life worldwide- it may not be possible to remove them completely, but every time you should try to eat something else, something healthy. I know we don’t have many options when we get out on the street, but I try to eat such things as radishes, nuts, raisins, biscuits, momos for alternatives.
3. For those who want to grow strong, fit, get stamina, there is only old method. Exercise, yoga, running, karate or any sport which demands physical strength.
4.If you have any habit of smoking, drinking or any other kind of intoxication that engages your healthy body, please try to reduce it, best to quit. Do not feel offended, I’ve quit after 33 years of smoking, so I hope I have a right to say about quitting. Finally, engage your mind with a hobby, may all stay blessed.

Translated by Gautam Guha

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