Short Story

A day in the life of Chui Chui

Rupkatha Banerjee: Chui Chui was a female kingfisher. She was a little blue bird with red beaks and an inmate hunger for fish. Her only problem was that she was blind.
All her siblings and friends would hunt birds by observing them from a great distance, but she never could see those silvery fish dance around the clear water. So what Chui Chui could do was listen.
One day, she was sitting on the bark of a tree with her friends. They were all hunting and chirping away.
She said to them, “Chi chi hu chuiii!!” (Don’t speak so loudly!)
One of her brothers replied, “Hu ki chi chaa Chui.” (What fun would that be?)

Irritated and unable to concentrate on the hunt, our blind little birdy flew away to another spot where nobody else was sitting. Now Chui Chui could focus on the sound of the water flowing, hitting the stones, making a whooshing sound while swirling around a particularly big stone. Chui Chui realized that all the baby fish were hidden under that water spiral.
She was a very kind hearted Birdy, so she didn’t give away the location of the baby fish to her friends. Instead, she flew away to another spot with a few big fish in it. She caught about two of them and went home.
Later at night,she felt a peace in her heart because she spared the little fish. Anybody else wouldn’t have considered what she did.
Just like our Chui Chui, the babies were unable to defend themselves. She was blind and they were too little to swim away. So she showed them kindness. Our Chui Chui had been a hero that day.

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