India will make history if Vikram gives a response

Arjun Jana, Agami Kalarab: Chandrayaan 2 was about to make history on 7th September 2019 by placing the Vikram lander on the lunar south pole. It was expected a soft landing on lunar south pole but just before the landing about 2.1 km from surface the signal was lost and the landing was a hard landing. If the soft landing occurred then India would become the 4th country in the world to do this. India has made 95% success on its 1st ever independent Lunar mission whereas the other 3 countries who were successful in their lunar missions took more than 1 chance to get about 90% success; USA and Russia have taken 12 and 7 times respectively to get 90% success.


It should also be known that all the instruments used in the Chandrayaan-2 system all made in India whereas NASA also borrows parts of space missions from the countries where particular parts are best manufactured. From 2.1 km above the surface, no signal was transmitted or received by the Vikram lander. After several hours of monitoring by the orbiter, the location of the lander was detectable and it is saying that the lander now in a tilted position. It is also assumed that no serious damage has been done to the lander but not confirmed. But ISRO chief K. Sivan said that making a connection with the lander is very difficult but they trying to do so. Whereas the orbiter will work for the next 7.5 years and send images of the moon. The orbiter has a good quality of sensor with 0.3 meter spatial resolution which is the highest resolution camera ever send to moon’s orbit.

So now it is expected that orbiter is the only source left to observe moon and India and ISRO scientists are waiting and trying for making connection with Vikram lander.

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