NAPOLEON: The son of Thunder

Riddhiman Ray, Agami Kalarab: France adopted republican administration in the year 1792. This administration set up a filtration ruling system– The administration of Terrorism. After a thirteen month’s bloody rules, the republican government decided to select a consulate of three members, and hand over the administration power to this consulate. Napoleon Bonaparte, another member of this consulate was the commander of French soldiers. In the year of 1804, he accepted the administration power of France and took the ‘king’ title.

Napoleon was very brave and full of self- confidence. He said,‘the word “impossible”, which is found at the dictionary of fools.’ Whenever the mountain of Alps was impossible to jump over, Napoleon transgressed it easily. He also defeated the United alliance of Austria- Russia and Prussia and started business obstruction on England which was known as– Continental System. He was unconquered since 1813. At last, Napoleon decided to attack Russia. It was the wrong decision. French Soldiers was breaking down by the scorched-earth tactics (burnt mud policy) of Russia, also more than five and a half lacks soldiers died for the stormy weather. Then the fourth coalition of Russia- England- Prussia and Austria was attacked on France. Powerless Napoleon defeated in the war of Leipzig and also Waterloo. The coalition decided to send him transportation of alive.

Importance of Napoleon

He was not a dictator. Was supporter and propagandist of Revolution. This Nobel administrator built many schools and hospitals in France and a follower of Art and Cultures. He was the founder of systematic business policy, named ’Napoleon Code’, which has followed today by every developed state.

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