Night vision superpower

Leepa Chakraborty: The researchers claim that they have achieved success in giving night vision to the rat.

They say that a single injection of nanoparticles led to infrared vision in mice for up to 10 weeks and the mice will be able to see the infrared light with the least side effects.

Researchers say that after the success of this experiment, progress can be made in the field of infrared vision in humans too. This discovery will prove to be very effective in military operations and security measures etc.

What is infrared vision?

The project’s principal investigator Mr Gang Han PhD says, “when we look at the universe, we see only visible light, …But if we had a near-infrared vision we could see the universe in a whole new way. We might able to do infrared astronomy with the naked eye, or have might vision without bulky equipment.”
The eyes of humans and other mammals can detect light between the wavelength of 400 and 700 nanometers. Near-infrared light, on the other hand, has longer we lengths of 750 nanometers to 1.5 micrometres.

According to Xue,We believe this technology will also work in human eyes, not only for generating supervision but also for therapeutic solutions in human red colour vision deficits.”

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