Pollution and prevention

Leepa Chakraborty, Agami Kalarab: The environment is a collective unit of all physical, chemical and biological factors. It is directly related to nature. Every events of our life is edited inside it. In short the environment is the basic growth and survival, not only humans but also of organisms, animals and flora.

But we have to say with great sadness that the natural environment is being destroyed, Because of the extensive human interaction with nature to achieve the goals of economic purpose and luxury, which has created a crisis on the existence of the ecological system.
Today the environment is not only a necessary question, but a burning issue also. But there is lack of awareness for the protection of the environment.
As a result, environment protection has become just a government agenda.

What is environmental pollution?

Actually Pollution is the defect in the natural balance due to the entry of contaminants into the environment. Smoke emanating from factories, ever-increasing population, increase in vehicles, increase in amount of carbon dioxide, deforestation, urbanization, all the fertilizers used in the fields play their important role in polluting the environment. Today water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, sound pollution, light pollution, radioactive contamination all these are becoming the reason for destroying the environment.

At present, the biggest problem of environmental balance is global warming because of which, the temperature of the earth is increasing and the step of human life is moving towards destruction. In such a situation, if we do not take any big step to save the environment, then the day is not far when our existence will be in danger.

Ways to Prevent Pollution

There are many preventive measures like saving ground water level, planting more trees, less use of vehicles, swearing of forests, stop using polythene and to make people aware about saving environment. Most of the countries in the world have made many agreements in the context of protecting the environment and proper exploitation. But we also have to be aware of this problem, otherwise the day is not far when the nature will be lost.

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