The Art of Busking

Busking Around

Prashant Pandey, Agami Kalarab: Photography has always been, and will always be tagged as a performing art. There is a new word, often being used these days, ‘Busking‘. It’s dictionary meaning is putting your act of music or visual arts out in front of the viewers. It is a challenging task as the viewers may or may not be an expertise of what you are about to perform. Thinking where is the challenge? because it seems there is no pressure of performance. Here, the viewers or the judges are not going to score you but, pay you a voluntary donation only if they like and relate to your piece of art.

Traditional Busking

After digging a little deeper about the origin of the word, we came to know that it’s roots originates inside Spanish soil. Here, the meaning is to ask for or to be more specific to seek. Considering its Spanish version of meaning can’t we say that photography is a kind of busking as well. Don’t we perform for ourselves? for a purpose? for the world to see?

Busking is public performance on the streets.

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