Why this split of religion? Vivekananda’s opinion  

Leepa Chakraborty, Agami Kalarab: Often this thought arises in our heart, if God is one, then why is there all these religions? And if there are so many religions, then it is also natural to raise this dispute, which of these religions is the best?
In this context, a story by Munshi Faiyaz Ali and Swami Vivekananda has come to us.
Once Swami Vivekananda met Munshi Faiyaz Ali during a visit to Rajasthan. During that meeting Fayaz Ali asked Swamiji many questions. He questioned that everyone says God is one, then why should he create different religions, make different humans?Someone is Hindu, someone is Muslim, someone is Jew. where the cow is worshiped in one religion, in another religion, the cow is eaten, and in the third religion both cow and boar are allowed to be eaten.
He again asked if Allah created the whole world, then why did he not make everyone the same?

Vivekanand’s thought about religion

On Fayaz Ali’s questions, Swamiji smilingly replied,”If food of the same kind and of the same taste is served daily, then the food looks insipid.”
Giving another example, Swamiji said, “If a painter is asked to make the same picture everyday, he will never get satisfaction.” He explain that God is also a painter, he too has got satisfaction in making different pictures. That is why he has portrayed the world so differently but God never differentiated any human being in the name of religion, caste.
In fact, man created religion on the basis of his convenience, location and climate, and due to this, there was variation in his life style too. Swamiji said, as if the cultivation along the sea side can never be done, therefore the food of the people living on the sea side will be fishy. Similarly, the land on the banks of the river is very fertile, so grains can be grown there very easily. The people of here used to address the land as mother, and because cow bulls were used to grow the crop and because these animals took care of them, they started worshiping the cow as mother.
Swamiji said that According to Hindu religion, before going to the temple one must take a bath. This is because there is no shortage of wells, waterfalls and rivers in India, so there is no shortage of water either.
But before offering prayers in Muslim religion, it is enough to wash hands and feet with a mug of water. This is because there is a scarcity of water in Arab countries.
Swamiji gave another example that when a man dies, he is either cremated or die. In Arab countries there is a shortage of trees, there is sand, So it became customary to do burial here.
But there is no shortage of trees in India, so wood was also easily available, so cremation became a traditions among Hindus.
Then Munshi Ali asked that if a Hindu is buried, will it make God angry?
On this, Swamiji smiled and said, “We are all children of God, God will never be angry with us.” Swamiji says that the destination of all religions is the same, so all religions are good.
He explained that, as all the rivers go their own way and finally meet the ocean. In the same way, our opinions can be different, but every opinion leads us to the divine.
Swamiji said that all religions are one, we are all mankind, and all are children of God.
And all this is a befitting answer for those who distribute the human race in the name of religion.

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