Maharana Bappa Rawal– The great Hindu Warrior

Gautam Guha, Agami Kalarab: Mewar! when we hear this name the things that comes to our mind is countless great warriors who gave their lives for our country and religion. Bappa Rawal was one of them.

Maharana Bappa Rawal defeated Mohammad bin Qasim— The first attacker of Islam on Indian subcontinent. On his way back he erected guard posts at every hundred kilometres manned by Rajput Chiefs. He was such a Hindu warrior that the Muslim invaders escaped from the battlefield due to his sword-wielding tactics. This is the reason why Hindus kept Arabs at Bay of three hundred years even after Bappa Rewal’s death. It took brave visionary leaders like Maharana Bappa Rawal to defeat these thugs and keep the light of Dharma burning.

A united Arab army invaded Mewar in the year 735 AD. Bappa Rawal from Shisodiya dynasty had repulsed the attack successfully by fighting fierce war with them. He even chased them to their own territory and frightened them not to make any attempt to invade India again. He also made them his subordinates. The foreign invaders were so scared by this war that, they did not dare to invade India and fight with Rajput kings for next 300 years.

Bappa Rawal always respected and provided lodging for old hermits who devoted themselves to the cause of preaching knowledge of Sanatan Dharma by Satsangs, Bhajans in India. Many temples were constructed during his regime to spread information about Hindu disciplines. But the Saddest part is that now due to pseudo-secularists have abrogated his glory, bravery from our texts to our consciousness and we have forgotten this great warrior.

It is believed that the name of the city Rawalpindi of Pakistan comes from the name of Bappa Rawal.

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