Three Pillars of Content Curation

Content curation

Prashant pandey, Agami Kalarab: Curation here, is referred as an act of creating digital content. It has now become an overused marketing term with an increasing significance because everyone around publishes some kind of content, be it an article or a video blog. Let’s discuss it further with three segregation,
Algorithmic curation: Search Engine Result Pages are one basic and common form of curation. The ability of search engines to interprets, predict and analyse is enhancing radically. Google’s constant updates are personalizing our search results through context.
Professional curation: It holds huge values because this is the only form of curation where the editor or publisher puts its insight to make it more attractive and interesting. Common, don’t be surprised this is not new. For ages TVs and Magazines are doing this involving a good business.
Social curation: This is directly proportional to the relevancy amidst the society. Anything that goes on a digital platform gets popularity only if it serves the large part of the audience which demands social acceptability. It includes content tagging and voting on social bookmarking services, ranking reviews, comments by ratings, and many more.
Today, these applications are becoming more and more sophisticated with different Content Curation Tools

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