Dowry system: The dark side of India(part-5)

Leepa Chakraborty, Agami Kalarab: Dowry system is a vivid example of the dark side of India.This is such a system, in the grip of which many girls had to sacrifice their lives and still the lives of so many girls are getting devastated and all due to dowry.
But now the question is what is this dowry system.

about dowry system

The property which is given to the bride at the time of marriage from the bride’s family. That is what we call dowry.
In the backward Indian society, the dowry system is still in a macabre form. In our country, on average, every 1 hour a woman succumbs to dowry related deaths.
The data suggests that between 2007 and 2012, there has been a marked increase in such cases.

information about dowry in India

Statistic from the National Crime Records Bureau show that 8233 cases of dowry deaths were reported from various states in the year 2012.
In mythology, there is an example of parents giving money, property as dowry at the time of farewell of a girl child.

The tradition of dowry has been going on since ancient times. But at that time people did not take dowry as a sense of selfishness.
But as time went on, the dowry system also took a wider form.
Today the dowry system has taken a very cruel form. It is so that if there is a lack of dowry at the time of marriage, they procession goes back without marrying. Even if married by mistake, the life of the girl passes like hell or the girls are divorced from some mischief. Sometimes girls are burnt to death for not getting dowry.

This crime killed women from all sections of society whether they were poor, middle class or rich. But middle and lower classes are more victims of this.
The main reason for this is the lack of awareness and education.

This dowry practice led to feticide, giving less importance to the daughter than to the son.
And to consider the daughter as a burden and inferiority has become a practice.

dowry prohibition act

According to Mahatma Gandhi, “Dowry is a blotting stigma on the sacred heritage of Indian culture”.
Two important provisions in the IPC of 1860 make the act of 498 (dowry torture) and 304 (dowry death) a punishable offense. But the provisions of this penal code on dowry and related crimes seemed difficult to control. Many acts were also made against dowry like there is a provision of 5 years imprisonment and Rs 15000 fines for dowry, giving, or assisting in its taking.
Dowry is a social problem, which can be eradicated only when we compulsively take steps against it. It is necessary:

  • To educate our daughters.
  • Encourage them to do their career.
  • They must learn to be independent and responsible.
  • To have equality with our daughters without discrimination.
  • We should not encourage the system of taking or giving dowry.
  • Girls should refuse to marry a dowry boy.
  • And men should not allow dowry to be a part of their married life.

Our government has also made many laws against dowry system. Many important steps have been taken against it. But only our awareness can destroy the foundation of this practice. (THE END)

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