Massacre of Pak-rooted Islamic terrorists at the hands of Indian origin on British soil

Gautam Guha, Agami Kalarab: Now it has been recognized that Wherever in the world terrorism gives a head start, India will always stand against it. The death of a jihadi terrorist on British soil reaffirmed this fact. This is how the slaughter of human beings in the name of religion must end.

Khan, the suspect shot dead in the 29 November 2019 terror attack near London Bridge, had been released from jail after being convicted of terror offences, including plotting to attack the London Stock Exchange in 2010. Khan was part of a gang of nine extremists from Stoke-on-Trent, Cardiff and London who were sentenced in February 2012 at Woolwich crown court. He had planned to establish a “terrorist military training facility” on land owned by his family in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, according to sentencing remarks. The groups were clearly considering a range of possibilities inacluding fundraising for the establishment of a military training madrasa in Pakistan, where they would undertake training themselves and recruit others to do likewise, sending letter bombs through the post, attacking public houses used by British racist groups, attacking a high-profile target with an explosive device and a Mumbai-style attack. Khan was convicted in 2012 of being part of a group of Al-Qaida-inspired plotters who intended to carry out attacks in the UK- including on the London Stock Exchange- and set up a terrorist camp in Pakistan. Khan was released from prison on licence last year and at the time of the attack he was wearing an electronic tag and subject to low-level monitoring. While he was known to the security services, he was considered a low- to medium-priority threat.

On 29th November, City of London Police were called to an incident at Fishmongers’ Hall. According to Hindu scriptures, whenever the unrighteous will be persecuted, the Divine Power will defeat them. Usman Khan while attending the ‘Learning Together’ programme- a radical islamist Institute, and wearing a fake suicide vest, threatened to blow up the hall. Holding two kitchen knives taped to his wrists, using similar tactics to the 2017 attack, he began stabbing people inside the building. Khan fled and began stabbing pedestrians outside on the north side of the bridge. Armed City of London Police arrived a short time later and surrounded the attacker, who was being held down by a man. They pulled this person away to provide a clear shot, before firing twice. Shortly after the incident Assistant Commissioner of London Mr. Neil Basu (Indian origin) killed the terrorist who has merely as a 28-year-old Pakistani origin Usman Khan died at the scene. Two people, a man and a woman, died of stab injuries.

Neil Basu

The Indian government has condemned the attack, as well as pledged to remain with Britain in this tragic situation.

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