Brutal Tipu: Killer of Hindus

Gautam Guha, Agami Kalarab: Though Tipu denoted as a secular ruler and a freedom fighter, but neither he was a patriot nor a secular. He was reviled by many and thought as a Hindu killing king. Tipu Sultan was anti Hindu, as soon as sitting on a throne after death of Haider Ali Tipu declared Mysore as a Muslim state. According to tradition of Muslim court he said swearing to Allah “I will be making all infidels hindus to Muslim According to C. K. Kareem, Tipu Sultan issued an edict for the destruction of Hindu temples in Kerala.The portrayal of Tipu Sultan as a religious bigot has been also disputed by some sources suggesting that he in fact often embraced religious fanatics. The British administrator Mark Wilks gives it as 70,000, historian Lewis Rice arrives at the figure of 85,000, while Mir Kirmani’s saw about 80,000 men, women and child prisoners. In a letter to Runmust Khan, Tipu himself stated:
“We proceeded with the utmost speed, and, at once, made prisoners of 40,000 occasion-seeking and sedition-exciting Coorgis, who alarmed at the approach of our victorious army.Then carrying them away from their state we raised them to the honour of Islam, and incorporated them into our Ahmedy corps.”

Tipu got Runmust Khan, the Nawab of Kurnool, to launch a surprise attack upon the Coorgis Hindus who were besieged by the invading Muslim army. 500 were killed and over 40,000 Kodavas fled to the woods and concealed themselves in the mountains.In 1788, Tipu reportedly ordered his governor in Calicut Sher Khan to begin the process of converting Hindus to Islam. The archaeological survey of India has listed three temples which were destroyed during the reign of Tipu Sultan. These were the Harihareshwar Temple at Harihar which was converted into a mosque, the Varahswami Temple in Srirangapatnam and the Odakaraya Temple in Hospet. In 1788, Tipu ordered his governor in Calicut Sher Khan to begin the process of converting Hindus to Islam, and in July of that year, 200 Brahmins were forcibly converted and made to eat beef. Kirmani claims that 70,000 Coorgis were converted, when forty years later the entire population of Coorg was still less than that number. According to Ramchandra Rao Punganuri the true number of converts was about 500. Tipu Sultan can only depicted as a religious fenetic. The historical research by Col. Wilks, K.P. Padmanabhan, Elamkulam Pillai also don’t project him any better light.
Now the day has come to recognizing our own historical aspects rather than relies on blatant politically biased history.

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