Start your Day with Famous Ram’s Dosa

Gennia Soor: After hearing a lot, we finally visited “RAM KI BANDI”. This breakfast joint opens at 3 am and is available till 7 am in the morning. We had to drive 20 km in the early morning to reach there. The place is located in Hyderabad (close to Mojamjahi market) Opposite to Karachi bakery.
You can hear people screaming Ram bhai ek Paneer Dosa, Ram bhai ek idli 😀Just follow the voice and you will reach the point.
It is one of the most prominent dosa joints in Hyderabad. Ram Kumar Shinde, an MBA graduate, is the man behind this famous roadside stall.

We tried Pizza dosa and butter Idli. The taste of Pizza dosa was superb. The Idli will melt into your mouth. Prices of the items are also pocket-friendly. The most sold items include Pizza dosa, Butter idly and Butter paneer dosa. There are other options like Schezwan Dosa, Fried Idli , Cheese Dosa, Masala Dosa, Matar Paneer Dosa. You name it they have it.
The drooling chutney will melt your heart❤️
Must visit If you are in Hyderabad.

2 thoughts on “Start your Day with Famous Ram’s Dosa

  1. Very nice write up… I would be glad if you could visit Mumbai some day & write about vadapav too. You will love our “Jumbo King” vadapav for sure. 🙂

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