Meet a laureate and endeared Indian: Tarek Fatah

Gautam Guha, Agami Kalarab: After writing a book titled The Jew is not my Enemy, his next book is called The Hindu is not my Enemy. The titles and the themes explored would not be ordinarily deemed provocative-except that the author in question is a Pakistani born Canadian.
Many Indians seem to love him but Why? Because he is one of the most vociferous critics of the country where he was born—i.e. Pakistan. And he is anything but an apologist or sympathiser for or of the radical Islamist. He frequently says thatI write as a Muslim whose ancestors were Hindu. My religion, Islam, is rooted in Judaism, while my Punjabi culture is tied to that of the Sikhs. Yet I am told by Islamists that without shedding this multifaceted heritage, if not outrightly rejecting it, I cannot be considered a true Muslim.”

His views on radicalism and fundamentalism have resulted in a section of the Indian media dubbing him an “advocate of a progressive and liberal Muslim identity”. He is very straight forward to say “Islamize your soul Muslim, not your country; Put a hijab over your ego, not your head; and “Cover your good deeds in a burqa, not your faces,” reads a Twitter post by him. Born in Pakistan in 1949, Fatah was a leftist student leader in the 1960s and 1970s. It was in these decades that he was twice imprisoned by successive military rulers of Pakistan. In 1977, he was charged with sedition by General Zia-ul Haq and barred from being a journalist in the country. In 1987, he moved to Canada where he has been active in journalism. His own introduction to himself goes like this on his blog “I am an Indian born in Pakistan, a Punjabi born in Islam; an immigrant in Canada with a Muslim consciousness, grounded in a secular youth.” At present some Islamic militants are trying to mislead people by adopting Muslim pseudonyms. Like ‘Jaish-e-Mohammed’ which means Army of Mohammed’! And their murderous fame is world-renowned.
On the other hand, it is also seen that some hypocritical and radical Islamic fundamentalists are always opposed to him blindly. At present, such events occur almost exclusively with people of Jihadi mentality with various terrorist activities, but instead of opposing them, some Maulanas work to increase their courage. It is curious that people like Tareq Fateh are very few. No other Ulema can do the way he hates radical Islamic extremism. We know how violent and outrageous the appearance of Islamic terrorism is.Today, the whole world is under the control of Islamic terrorism. It is possible to change this violent mindset only to suggest them by right guidance.

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