Where did Kashmiriyat go when a genocide against Kashmiri Pandits?

Gautam Guha, Agami Kalarab: The removal of Article 370 is the beginning of the new challenges India will face. Having this Article for the last 70 years, a type of structure has been there, whether it is in the form of Islamism, separatists or mainstream politics, but it has been there and it will take time to bring that system in order.
After few days a movie named Shikara has come in the plot of genocide of innocent Kashmiri Pandits on 90’s.Lets look the background. The land of Kashmir was named after Monk Kashyap briefly described in Vedas. But after muslim invasion Kashmiri Muslims never thought ‘Hindu Pandits’ as their ancestral own brothers and Anti-Hindu sentiments spreads with hate and Jihad by Muslim Ulemas and reducing hindu populations under Threat Regime.

Islamization of Kashmir began during 1980’s when Abdullah Government changed the names of about 2500 villages from their native names to new Islamic names. The Sheikh also started delivering communal speeches in mosques similar to his speeches in 1930’s. Additionally, he referred to the Kashmiri Pandits as “Mukhbir” or informers of the Indian government.
The Kashmir Valley has become a theocratic Islamic place within the secular Indian Union. After their departure the houses of the Kashmiri Pandits remained abandoned in the Kashmir Valley. Miscreants looted household goods, furniture, kitchenware, accessories, electronic gadgets, small libraries, papers, files and documents. Electricity and sanitary fittings were pulled out, taken away and sold. In most cases even the doors and windows of these houses were removed and stolen. The bare structures were set on fire if these did not happen to be in densely populated areas. Large number of houses and properties went on distress sale. Shops were grabbed by the locals, though a handful of them fetched the owner some money. In villages, the ruins of torched Pandit’s houses were grabbed and showed as Muslim Endowment (Awqaf) property in revenue records. If any Pandit was able to sell his property somehow, he had to remain content with its throw-away price. Landed properties of Pandit shrines, temples and crematoriums stand largely vandalized and usurped. The ethnic cleansing of the Valley of Kashmir was completed.The people of the Kashmir Valley, with hundred per cent Muslim population (barring a few negligible minorities which account for less than 1%), are increasingly identifying themselves with the wider Sunni Muslim world. The Kashmir Valley does not have a viable economy and it depends on huge financial doles from New Delhi under one or the other pretext. However, the State Government is usually unwilling to render any account for these receipts which results in no accountability and leads to corruption. Many members of the political leadership of the Kashmir Valley, including the Kashmiri separatists are mostly ambivalent and their Anti-Indian or pro-Pakistani credentials are subject to the quantum of funds provided.

The return of the Kashmiri Pandits to the Kashmir Valley depends on the goodwill of the majority community in the Valley. That is no more to be found nor is there wisdom enough within the leadership of the Kashmir Valley to understand how important it is to live in harmony with people of other faiths. The Kashmiri Pandits should understand that the fetters they wore for seven centuries are broken once and for all and their wings should take them over to new climes and lands.
Diasporas have, also, built great civilizations.

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