A terrible night(Suspence story)

Episode 1(The chasing)

Leepa Chakraborty: It was the month of January, the cold had reached its peak. On this, the weather also took its havoc. It was not showing any kindness in expressing its fury.
Cold winds hit the rain shower and took a fierce form. The winds were not able to determine their direction, the helpless rain shower also had to change their direction again and again.
The helpless people were locked in their homes due to this unseasonal rain and unbearable cold.
The roads were deserted.

Suman, who had just got off the bus, was almost running towards her house ignoring this callousness of weather and cold wave. In this terrible cold, in the name of hot clothes in her body, there was only a thin shawl, which was completely wet. But unaware of all these things suman was moving towards her home. At that time her sick and helpless father and younger brother Bimal’s face was emerging in front of her eyes.
She knew very well that even in this terrible weather, the window of her house would still be open, her old father’s eyes must be looking out his daughter from the window her brother’s innocent eyes must be waiting for his sister. Their faces would be wet due to rain showers, their bodies would tremble by cold winds. But these things would not have affected them, they would just wait for their Suman.
Suman was a school teacher, everyday after school, she used to teach children. After handling all these tasks, it was almost 9 o’clock everyday to return home.
Suman had a small family with her retired old father, and a younger disabled brother who had lost his legs in an accident and now the burden of the entire family was on Suman.
Suman, who was agitated by all kinds of thoughts, move even faster, because she knew that her brother would still be hungry and her father would be restless to hear her young daughter’s knock.

Suddenly she was heard the sound of a groan and many foot steps. Suman got scared due to fear, she tried to look back but the night was so dark that she could not see anything.
on that day, the street light was also not lit due to bad weather. She was very scared and started moving quickly but suddenly she was feeling as if all those steps slowly and steadily growing closer to her. Now Suman’s courage was completely answered, she hid herself behind a banyan tree and started trying to see more, but she could not see anything clearly. Now she started thinking what she should do, stay hidden there, or get out of here quickly. At the same time, lightning flashed, and whatever Suman’s eyes saw in that light. She became a fetish, her whole body trembled, her throat began to dry, her senses began to numb. She felt as if she would fall now, but then she thought of her old father, as soon as this thought came, she somehow managed to move forward, but her steps were faltering, her whole body was getting weaker. Suddenly she feels a stumble and fell down, a muffled scream come out of her mouth. And this scream reaches those men. Then one of them shouts “Who is there?”
With fear, Suman now felt disenfranchised from both the physical and mental side she did not have the strength to think, she just started running, while running, she was heard that someone was shouting and saying, “Someone is running, hold him. see if he runs away.”
Suman heard the sound of footsteps from behind, she understood that she is being followed.
Suman was running madly, and her pursuers had lost their temper to catch her. While running, Suman began to feel as if her distance from those who followed her was getting reduced. And then suddenly someone caught her shawl, but Suman threw her shawl and started running. Suman felt that now she will not be able to protect herself from them.

In the meantime, Suman heard the voice of the horn from behind. Suman running madly, and stopped the car with both her hands “Stop, stop! save me, these people will kill me, save me please.”
It was a auto Rickshaw. The auto driver immediately stopped the auto and Suman ran into it.
Suman’s face blossomed while looking at the driver with tired and scared eyes.
He was Abdul Bhaiya, who lived in the neighborhood of Suman.
Suman pleaded with her tired voice,”Abdul Bhaiya….!” (To be continued next sunday)

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