A terrible night(Suspence story)

Episode 2(Thrilling)

Leepa Chakraborty: Suman pleaded with her tired voice “Abdul Bhaiya..!”
Abdul had not noticed Suman’s face yet, but he was shocked to hear Suman’s voice.
He felt Suman’s voice somewhat familiar, he immediately looked back. Despite the low light of the auto, it did not take long for him to identify Suman. As soon as Suman was identified, Abdul was shocked and tried to stop the rickshaw. He got scared seeing Suman’s condition , but Suman said, “Bhaiya, don’t stop the rickshaw, those people will kill me.”
Abdul fearfully asked, “Who are those people Suman?”
Suman wanted to say something, but she felt as if it was getting dark in front of her eyes.
And slowly she started losing her senses, her body rolled over, Abdul gets nervous seeing Suman’s condition, he is unable to understand what he should do now. If he stops his rickshaw, Suman’s life may be in danger.
Then he took Suman to her house, Suman’s father and her brother were frightened to see Suman’s condition.
Abdul took Suman inside and put her in the bed, then covered her with a quilt .

Suman was still unconscious, her body had become ice cold. It was impossible to get a doctor in such on that night. So all three of them, being helpless, started waiting for morning. Abdul did not think it appropriate to tell Suman’s father all that had happened to him along the way.
Somehow the night passed, nature’s havoc had also reduced considerably, but the morning light had not spread properly yet, the road was still deserted. On the other hand Suman’s body was burning with fever, her breath was moving very slowly, she was still lying unconscious and her condition was going critical. In such a situation, finding a doctor was also a question.
So Abdul decided not to delay any longer, and he called an ambulance and took Suman to the hospital with Suman’s father.
While going to the hospital, Abdul felt as if they were being chased. Two men were chasing them on a bike.
But Abdul could not see their face, as both of them covered their head with helmet.
Abdul had fallen into deep thought, he had understood that Suman’s life was in danger.
However, they reached the hospital, seeing Suman’s critical condition, the doctor immediately admitted her.
On the way back from the hospital Abdul saw that many police vehicles are standing, and many police are looking for something , and some people were scattered there and watching the police proceedings.
Abdul stopped a man and asked,’brother what’s the matter?’ The man said,’This morning the police have found the dead body of a woman here. And The primary police report is saying that she may have been hit by a car in the last night. In the same context, police enquiries and investigations are going on.’ This was the same place where Abdul gave Suman a lift in his auto on the last night.
Abdul’s mind was moving fast, he felt as if this woman’s death had a deep connection with the incident of last night. Caught in a dilemma, Abdul was unable to decide what he should do, go to the police or deal with Suman’s father. At last, he felt that he should first talk to Suman, then decide what to do or not. Then he came back home with Suman’s father.

Suman’s treatment was going on in the hospital, till now she had regained consciousness, but still her fever had not descended, she was in a deep sleep.
Around 7 o’clock in the evening, Suman suddenly woke up from sleep, feeling thirsty, she slowly opened her eyes, and looked around.
She felt that she was presently in a room in any hospital. In that room there is another bed besides her, in which a woman was fast asleep.
A nurse sitting on a chair nearby was taking a nap.
She gently called the nurse, but the nurse did not respond, she might not hear.
Suman’s throat was dry, she could not keep up, she slowly descended from the bed.
A jug was placed in the nearby table, Suman went to the table and poured water into a glass, and was about to drink .
Suddenly, her eyes fell on the glass of the window, where she saw the shadow of a man who covered his entire body with a blanket except his eyes. Suman shouted in fear, her whole body was trembling, her hand had left the glass. Striking with Suman’s scream, the nurse woke up, she saw Suman’s whole body trembling, she quickly took over Suman, she asked Suman,’what happened sister?’ Why you screamed?‘ Suman raised her finger and pointed towards the window and said,’Just now there was someone at the window.’  (To be continued next sunday)

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