A terrible night(Suspence story)

Episode 3(Investigation )

“Suman was watching someone trying to open the door from outside.
Her entire body became sweaty due to fear, She wanted to shout, but her voice stuck in the throat…”

Leepa Chakraborty: Hearing Suman’s scream, all the staff of the hospital rush to Suman’s room and started searching for that stranger told by Suman, but they did not find any such man in the entire hospital. At last they returned, considering it to be a misconception of Suman’s tired brain.
Suman also considered it as a disorder of her mind. Suman came to her bed and lay down, her mind was still entangled in various questions and answers.
Lost in her thoughts, she did not know when she fell asleep.
It was night time, the entire hospital was silent, Sometimes there was a feeling of
someone being in this silent environment due to the footsteps of any staff.
Suddenly Suman’s eyes open with a small sound on the door. She looks towards the door, there was no one in the room at that time, the patient of the nearby bed was fast asleep. That nurse might have gone out too, Suman was watching someone trying to open the door from outside.
Her entire body became sweaty due to fear, She wanted to shout, but her voice stuck in the throat.
She wanted to run out of the bed, but her weak body did not support her.
At last she pretends to be sleeping deeply And kept watching everything with her half-eyed. She saw exactly the same shadow as she saw from the glass of the window in the evening, came in
and slowly started coming closer to her bed.
Suman’s heart started beating fast, she felt that maybe this is the last moment of her life.
Her brother and her father’s face emerge in front of her eyes, tears start flowing out of her eyes.
Then she saw that the man slowly came near her bed and took out an envelope from his pocket. He placed the envelope under Suman’s pillow and then quickly out of the room.
Suman was so scared that every part of her body had stopped working for a moment. She lay quietly like a corpse .
After some time Suman took out the envelope under the pillow, she found a letter inside it.
Despite the low light in the room, Suman had no problem in reading the words written in the letter. It was written in that letter, “Remember you have not seen anything”.

Suman sat silently for hours with the letter in her hand, She understood that she was trapped in a very big web.
Next morning, the family members come to meet the patient in the visiting hour.
Abdul came to meet Suman. Seeing Abdul, Suman started weeping, she asked,’Abdul Bhaiya, how is Babuji? Did you tell him everything?’
Everything is fine Suman, I did not tell your Babuji anything,’ said Abdul.
Then he asked Suman,’Who were those people Suman? Why did they want to kill you?’
Suman did not answer, she sat silently.

This time, explaining to Suman, Abdul said, ‘If you remain silent then it can become a threat to all of us, because we are all being chased.
Suman got scared, she said that brother, even if I open my mouth, there will be danger for all of us. Saying this, she started crying bitterly.
After some time, she wiped her tears and softly said,’I am being monitored here all the time.’ And then she secretly gives the letter to Abdul and says that there is danger in talking about this subject in this place.
Abdul thought it is better to remain silent, seeing the fragility of time.

At the same time, during the investigation, there were some questions which compelled the policeman to think.
The first thing was that they did not find the woman’s slippers anywhere. What kind of need was there on that middle-aged woman, that had to get out of the house on that stormy night without slipper and even without wearing any warm clothes in that terrible cold.
The third and most important thing was that no one had come to identify the body.

Apart of this, they found a shawl, a little away from the spot, which was undoubtedly Suman’s. Maybe in a hurry, the chaser threw that shawl there that night.
Which was now in the custody of the police.
By making all these questions the main issue, the police was conducting their investigation. The investigation of the police, and various issues, had taken a new turn in the direction of this case. Now it became a question that whatever happened that night was an accident or a planned murder.
And now the policeman was waiting for the post-mortem report to move this case forward.

 (To be continued next sunday)

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