A terrible night(Suspence story)

Episode 4(More investigation)

“But suddenly their eyes fell on the broken locks of the door and then a question arose in their mind, where is the key of that lock?
If Savitri Devi locked the door then she should have the key, she should have some purse or bag but nothing like this was found at the spot.”

Leepa Chakraborty, Agami Kalarab: Two days later Suman was discharged from the hospital. She returned home. But she was quite scared and was shocked– at every sound. But after this no such unexpected event happened, everything was going well, Suman started going to school. The fear from her heart was also slowly diminishing, her life was taking a natural form.

Then one day suddenly Abdul was shocked to see the incident of that stormy night in the newspaper. In which it was reported that on the morning of 15 January, in Haveli Road, the police found the unclaimed corpse of a stranger woman. Although the cause of death is accident, police wrote in its primary report. But later some evidences, and the post mortem report led to the fact that this death is a thought-provoking cold-minded murder.
It was further written that a ladies-shawl was found some distance away from the spot, the police suspected that the shawl could never be that of the dead woman.
Because there was blood all over the woman’s body, while a slight blemish of blood was not found in any part of that shawl.The police also say that the shawl cannot be of a killer, because a killer can never show such carelessness.
They suspect in the context of this evidence that the shawl, killer has been thrown either to stray the investigation, or to implicate an innocent
Or it could be that there must have been a third person who had seen everything in her eyes. And she is an eyewitness who would run away to save herself, and while doing so, her shawl must have fallen.
At the same time, the police also suspect that the woman is in danger of being killed, and that she can be attacked in any time. And now the police is looking for the woman who owns the shawl,
It has also been told in the post-mortem report that the grain was found into the mouth of the dead woman.
From which it can be speculated that the woman may have been eating when she was targeted.
But who was she? What was her indentity? To confirm this, a photo of the woman was put on behalf of the police. As soon as the photo of the woman was printed in the newspaper, a man came to the police station.
He told the police showing the picture of the woman printed in the newspaper, “Sir, I know this woman. She lives in my neighborhood, her name is Savitri Gupta. She lives alone at her home, she has only one daughter, who is married. Savitri devi’s husband died a year ago. Her husband has left a lot of wealth, everyone knows this. And now she was the owner of a good amount of property.
But fearing her loneliness, she went to stay at her daughter’s house for a few days.
But due to some dispute with her son-in-law, she returned to her home about six months ago and Since then she remains alone, sometimes her daughter cames to meet her.
But her house has been locked for the last few days and is still closed, we thought she might have gone to her daughter.”

According to the description of the man, the policemen reached Savitri Devi’s house, the lock was broken in her house. And the police started their investigation where they saw that everything in the house is well maintained.There was no tampering with the wardrobe or every valuable item of the house, which confirms that there was no such incident as theft or robbery at home.
But there was a plate on the dining table in which some food was lying, which was completely rotten, by which it can be easily understood that Savitri Devi was sitting for dinner, and for some reason she had to leave the food and get up.
But what happened? After all why did she have to get up between meals.
Would anyone have come from outside? Who was he? Someone known or a stranger?
Did Savitri Devi come out with that person on that stormy night ? because the door was closed in a manner. Which meant there was no force or coercion with her.
Then who was that person, someone known? Because why would she come out with such an unknown person ?
Many such questions were arising during police investigation. Every corner of the house was being searched but they could not find anything that could come under suspicion.
Now a question start to arise in their mind. Is Savitri Devi really a victim of road accident?
When no clue was found, they sealed the house. But suddenly their eyes fell on the broken locks of the door and then a question arose in their mind, where is the key of that lock?
If Savitri Devi locked the door then she should have the key, she should have some purse or bag but nothing like this was found at the spot.
Then where is her purse or key? Someone lifted it?There will be another key of this lock, as soon as the idea came, police went inside the house to search for the another key again.
And they also found the second key inside the house.
In this case, the policemen did not see any abnormalities.
Now they were looking for the owner of the shawl, sleeper, purse or key of Savitri Devi, and her daughter’s home address and they also got the address of her daughter’s house from the neighborhood.
In this way, as the investigation progressed, the case was getting even more complicated.

 (To be continued next sunday)

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