Shaheen Bagh: Unmasking the razzmatazz and Wile

Gautam Guha, Agami Kalarab: The anti-CAA protests, especially at Shaheen Bagh, which began as a peaceful protest has now crossed all the boundaries as it turns out to be another typical left-wing managed anti-India event. The anti-CAA riots, which initially turned communal, manifested through anti-Hindu posters have now taken an anti-India turn with protestors openly batting for secession from India. In just last week, many events have unfolded which indicates that the anti-CAA protests were just a facade for anti-India elements to create chaos and anarchy to further their secessionist agenda on the streets of the country.
Initially, the liberal-secular media had hoped that the earlier anti-CAA protests in December, despite being violent in nature, could start a fresh wave of revolution and chaos to bring the Modi government to its knees. The media ecosystem backed these ultra-left wing cadres and Muslim mobs while turning a blind eye towards the riots they unleashed. With nowhere to go, the Muslim mobs backed by the left-wing cadres and media now decided to seize one of the strategic lines of communications in Delhi-Shaheen Bagh to create disorder on the streets of the national capital to garner global attention. Nevertheless, the masks of the so-called protestors and intellectuals who backed the anti-CAA riots are now falling off. The sinister plot behind the staged event at Shaheen Bagh ‘protests’ is now out in the open. Later, another Hinduphobic poster came up at the protest site in which the Hindu Swastika was depicted wrongfully which shown crushed, and ‘Hindu women were shown in Burkha’. These Hinduphobic posters and chanting of slogans Jinnah Wali Azadi ” had exposed the claims of “liberal-secular” media who were insisting that these protests peaceful and spontaneous in nature.

Here are the incidents that have transpired at Shaheen Bagh in the last few days which have now exposed the nefarious designs of Anti-India forces and Jihadi elements. The so-called ‘anti-CAA protests’ at the Shaheen Bagh which was supposed to be a ‘peaceful protest’ never turned out to be one. Instead, it became another platform for the ultra left-wing secessionists and Islamists to push their anti-India agenda and create anarchy in the country. Interestingly, all the mentioned incidents never made it to any mainstream media, which explains the dangerous nexus between the media ecosystem and the anti-India brigade that exists in the country. Left-wing cadres and anti-CAA mob have attacked journalists several times, Consulting Editor of News Nation Deepak Chaurasia and Editor of Zee News Sudhir Chaudhary were attacked by a mob at Shaheen Bagh.Doordarshan reporter Nitendra Singh and their team of camera persons were also manhandled.
With Sharjeel Imam, the mastermind of the Shaheen Bagh openly admitting that the real intention of the protests is to divide the country and to seek another partition by separating north-east from the rest of the country, the arguments by certain section of the media that the protests are peaceful and organic, intended to fight the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act does not hold any value.

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