A terrible night(Suspence story)

Episode 5(Confusion)

“Now the inspector has got into a lot of thinking, because whatever fact has come in hand, according to that, Vinod can only be taken under suspicion. But no strong evidence was found against Vinod by the inspector.”

Leepa Chakraborty: Then for a week the police did not interrogate Poonam or her husband, but on the eighth day, the police called Poonam
and her husband Vinod to the police station
and questioned both of them separately.
From Poonam, the police wanted to know what was the reason behind the estrangement between Savitri Devi and Vinod.
On this question, Poonam got a little distracted and said, “Sir, my father has a medicine shop on Kachahari Road. And it is very popular.”
After my father’s death, the old employee, Rampal uncle, was given the responsibility of the shop.
Because uncle was very faithful and loyal, this was to be said by my parents.
The inspector immediately asked “And how do you think about Rampal?”
In response to this question, Poonam replied “Sir, although I never interfered in the
shops or all these, but as a human being I can say that Rampal uncle is an honest and sincere person.”
Then she further said, “My husband’s medicine shop is also on the same road, so in the evening he would often go to father’s shop, actually my mother had asked him to do so.
But Vinod feels that mother is being cheated by Rampal, he is taking advantage of her trust. He expressed his doubt to my mother, but my mother was not agree with Vinod, and this was the reason for his estrangement.”
After that, the inspector asked where you were on the 14th of January.
Poonam replied with dismay “Sir, I suddenly felt sick that morning, I was suffering from diarrhea. Then in the evening Vinod called a doctor, because my condition had worsened. The doctor prescribed some medicines and injection. But due to bad weather that day, it was too late to get medicine and injections. Around 9 o’clock a man came with medicine and injection, and at the same time he also gave me an injection.
“what was the exact time when you were given that injection?” The inspector questioned.
Poonam responded by thinking something, “It was 9 pm. sir.” Inspector asked,”how can you be so sured.”
–“Sir, immediately after giving me an injection, a call came in his mobile. He was speaking to someone on mobile, it is now 9 o’clock, I will be reaching there in ten minutes, and he was right sir, because, the wall clock was in front of my eyes.”

After this, the police inspector did not question Poonam any more and allow her to leave. Then he called Vinod for questioning.
And then he asked to Vinod the same questions that he was asked with Poonam.
And the answers for both were the same.
Inspector got into deep thinking.

The next day Rampal was called to the police station. Rampal came, he was looking very sad.
Inspector asked him “Rampal, do you know Savitri Devi died?” Rampal bowed his head and nodded.
Then the inspector said “You are her very old employee, how was your relation with Savitri Devi?”
Rampal started weeping. Wiping tears after a while, he said,”Sir, I was 20 when I came to their shop for a job. And today I am 65 years old, all my life has passed in this shop. Both the owner and his mistress loved me and also respected me.They supported me in my grief.
Inspector asked him, “Do you know any person with whom Savitri Devi had any estrangement or any enemy of Savitri Devi?”
After thinking for a while, Rampal said, “Sir, as far as I remember, she never mentioned this.”
The next question from the inspector was ,”How was Vinod and his mother in law’s relationship?”
Rampal remained silent for some time. He said,”Sir, the responsibility of the shop’s account was on me, Vinod Babu did not like this thing at all. Taking this matter, he also had an argument with Savitri Devi many times. But besides me, Savitri did not want to hand over the account of her shop to anyone else.
There was some distance between the mother-in-law and son-in-law on this matter, but Savitri Devi remained in her stubbornness till the end.”
Then Rampal said, “It was also heard that Vinod’s anger had increased so much that he did not even allow the daughter to meet her mother.”
After thinking something, the inspector allowed Rampal to leave. While going, Rampal pointed to an important thing.
He said,”Sir, presently Vinod’s shop is running at a loss, something like this came in the air.”
Then Rampal left, two police men were sent to keep an eye on Vinod’s shop.
After a lot of investigation the policemen also gave the same report that Rampal had said.
Now the inspector has got into a lot of thinking, because whatever fact has come in hand, according to that, Vinod can only be taken under suspicion. But no strong evidence was found against Vinod by the inspector.
And the other important thing was that in the post-mortem report, it was said that Savitri Devi died between 9 to 9.30 pm. And Poonam said that Vinod was with her at his own house on the night of 14 January. Is Poonam lying? Or is it something else? A question
Something started knocking in the mind that the case became even more complicated.
On the other hand police searched the entire area to find the slippers, keys of Savitri Devi. Besides this they also kept inquiry about the shawl.
As the readiness of the police was increasing. Danger started knocking in suman’s life.

 (To be continued next sunday)

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