A terrible night(Suspence story)

Episode 6(The mysterious man)

“Then Suman started to stop him, in this scrimmaging, the face of the driver is opened which was covered with a shawl, and Suman sees his face. On seeing that face, her senses fly away, it was the same face that she saw in the lightning flashes on that stormy night.”

Leepa Chakraborty: For several days, Suman was feeling as if she was being followed. Wherever she goes, she feels as she is monitored.
She started living very scared, due to this fear, she did not tell anyone about that stormy night.
One night she was returning home as usual.
But she was late that night, the time was around 10 o’ clock . After getting off the bus, she took an auto rickshaw and She told the auto driver to drop her Havelinagar stop.
After some time, the auto Rickshaw came near a crossing. Suman said,” brother take the right turn.” But that driver didn’t respond her. He did not turn the auto, but increased the speed and moved the auto to the other side. Now Suman got very nervous, she started shouting, but these things had no effect on that driver, he drove the auto towards a deserted area. Then Suman started to stop him, in this scrimmaging, the face of the driver is opened which was covered with a shawl, and Suman sees his face. On seeing that face, her senses fly away, it was the same face that she saw in the lightning flashes on that stormy night. The same terrible face that she had seen for a moment but had not forgotten it yet.
She started trying to stop that driver but she failed.
She understood that it is very difficult to escape today, but she did not lose courage. And as soon as she got a chance, she jumped into a nearby bush, from the running auto. While doing this she also got very hurt, blood was coming from many places.
But she started running without caring about everything. Rescuing herself, she was running and the driver too became impatient to catch her. While running, Suman suddenly saw a tea stall where some policemen were standing and talking among themselves.
Somehow Suman reached near them. She folded her hands and said, “Sir, save me, he will kill me.”
Policemen were surprised to see Suman’s condition. One of them asked, “What’s the matter? Who will kill you? don’t be afraid, tell us the fact.”
Overcoming her fast moving breath, Suman explained in detail how the auto driver was taking her to the wrong path.
Then she requested ,”Sir, first save my father and brother, otherwise they will kill them, then I tell you the details.”
Seeing the fragility of the time, the policemen immediately called the police station and arrenged for the protection of Suman’s brother and father and took Suman to the police station. Now she started speaking all the things that happened with her on that stormy night.
She said,”Sir, it was very dark that night, I could not see anything properly but I heard a few footsteps , and a woman’s groaning behind me. I tried to see, but suddenly the lightning struck and I saw two men were dragging someone on the way.”
The inspector asked, “Did you see anybody’s face.?”
Suman replied disappointedly, “Sir, I could not see much in this moment of lightening but in that moment of lightening I saw the blurred face of a man. By the way if I look again I might not be able to recognize him but one thing to note that his teeth were big and protruding.” After thinking something the inspector asked suman,”where was the incident take place?” Suman replied,”It was Haveli road, near shiv temple.”

Then Inspector said, “On the night of 14th January we found a corpse near this Shiva temple. And during the investigation of that case I got a shawl there. is that yours?”
“Yes!” Suman said. After that she started to explain why and in what condition she threw her shawl there.
The inspector asked her, “Why were you silent for so long? Why didn’t you report to the police?”
On this, Suman said , “Sir, those people threaten me.” And then she explained the incident of the hospital in details.
Then the inspector asked, “Then why do you want to file a report today, you are not scared today?”
Suman sighed on this question and said, “Sir, for some days I feel like someone is watching me every moment, I am being followed.”
At this point, the inspector asked, “Why do you think you are being followed?”
Whenever I get out of the house, a bike always follows me.
Two days ago a car tried to hit me, but I survived.
But today Sir, he would have killed me, if I had not run away, and then Suman talked about everything that had happened to her today.
Then she firmly said, “Sir, this auto driver was trying to hide his entire face, but I saw his face any how. And I can definitely say that he was the same man whom I saw on that stormy night because his teeth also protruded, and it could not be a coincidence.”
After this, no questions were asked to Suman, and she was escorted to her home.
On the second day, Rampal, Suman, Vinod and Poonam were all called to the police station together. All of them were asked about the suspected person whom Suman had seen on that stormy night.
All three were shocked when Suman gave a description of the person whom she saw on that stormy night.
Rampal said this face is something similar to our shop worker Rashid.
Poonam said, “Such was the face of the man who came to give me the injection on that night.”
Everyone is surprised, before the inspector makes a decision, a phone call comes to the police station. Another corpse has been found in Haveli Road.

(To be continued next sunday)

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