A terrible night(Suspence story)

Episode 7(Mist to light)

“Seeing that list, the inspector’s eyes shone with joy and he started to see some ray of hope and he returned without questioning. Till now only one clue had come in his hands.”

Leepa Chakraborty: Police immediately rushed to the scene, where they saw a dead person whose body was badly multilated.
The inspector was shocked when he saw the face of the man, whose face is very similar to the description given by Suman.
Police immediately surrounded the entire area and after searching the dead body, the police found nothing but a mobile phone from him.
And they also searched the entire area but found nothing. They send the cell phone for further investigation to cyber department of police.

The dead body was taken away and Suman,Vinod, Rampal and Poonam were called again to identify the dead body.
On the call of the police, all of them reached there and they all recognized after seeing the dead body of Rashid. Receiving Rashid’s identity, the police reached Rashid’s house immediately, and started questioning his family members.
Rashid’s younger brother said to the police, “Sir, a few days ago Rashid Bhai bought an auto rickshaw. He used to drive the auto everyday after returning from the shop. But last night he had left the shop early and then he left with the auto. But Rashid Bhai did not return home all the night, we searched a lot, even his friends could not tell anything about him.”
After thinking something, the inspector asked, “Does Rashid have any other phone number?”
To this, Rashid’s wife nodded and said, “He had only a single number.”
Then the policemen returned, the dead body was sent for postmortem .
Rashid’s mobile was also investigated, the call list for the last 1 month was presented to the inspector. Seeing this list, the inspector was shocked. He got into deep thinking because Poonam said that Rashid had made a call from his mobile around 9 pm on 14th January. But nothing like this was shown in Rashid’s call list. Rashid’s family members were telling that Rashid had only a single mobile phone .
However now they were waiting for Rashid’s autopsy report, meanwhile the police continued their inquiry and investigation.
Only one thing was snipping in the mind of the Inspector, whom did Rashid call and whose mobile did he use on the night of 14 January?
The next morning, the inspector searched the area around Savitri Devi’s house and started inquiring with the locals.
He found an STD booth at some distance away from Savitri Devi’s house, after thinking something, the inspector took the number of that STD booth and sent it for investigation.

And when the report of this investigation came to him, the inspector was shocked. Because at 9 o’clock on 14 January, a call came to that STD booth from a mobile number, due to bad weather that night, that STD booth was hardly used anyway. Only one call came around 9 o’clock.
Whose call was it? In whose name that SIM card was purchased, the investigation of all these things started.
And soon the police also found out the name and address of the SIM card owner. Following that address, they reach there and met a 30-35 years old man who was telling his name Mahesh.When the inspector started questioning Mahesh about the mobile phone, Mahesh said, “sir, I am a delivery boy. I deliver medicine in the medical store. I lost my mobile a few days ago.”
Inspector asked, “When and in which area did your mobile get lost? Did you file a report of losing the mobile in the police station?”
Mahesh said, “Sir, at that time I was on duty in Kachari Road. I remember because I went back to many shops in that area to find my phone.” After keeping a silent for a while Mahesh said, “Sir, this mobile was not my personal, I received it from the company, so all the messages and calls in it were from the company. When I told the company, they gave me a new mobile, and the pressure of work was very much on me those days. For all these reasons I did not file a report to the police station.”
After thinking something, Inspector said to Mahesh, “List the names of the shops in which you supply medicine in Kachhari road.” Mahesh did the same. Seeing that list, the inspector’s eyes shone with joy and he started to see some ray of hope and he returned without questioning. Till now only one clue had come in his hands.
In the list given by Mahesh, the shop of Savitri devi was named but Vinod’s shop was not named which means Mahesh used to supply medicines in Savitri devi’s shop, but not in Vinod’s shop.
Still, to be sure, he called Mahesh to the police station the next day.
He asked Mahesh ,”Do you not supply medicine in Vinod Medical Shop?
Staying silent for a while Mahesh said,”sir, I heard that shop is going to be closed. Due to the addiction of alcohol and gambling by the owner, there is now a possibility of being locked in that shop. There is no question of medicine supply.”
Then the Inspector asked him,”Do you know the owner of Sharda devi Medical Hall and his staff?”
“Yes sir”, Mahesh replied.
Then the inspector asked, “Do you know Rampal?” Mahesh replied, “yes sir, he is a very hard working, punctual and sincere person and it was a big contribution of him to make that shop go to that height.”
The inspector said something thinking, “But Savitri Devi’s son-in-law is suspicious of her destiny, it has come to the notice.”
To this, Mahesh said, “I have been working in that area for 9 years. Not only me, everyone in that area knows how honest a person Rampal is!
After this, the Inspector did not ask any question to Mahesh and allowed him to leave.

(To be continued next sunday)

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