A terrible night(Suspence story)

Episode 8(Final investigation)

“The police searched the area and discovered an auto which was kept hidden among the bushes.
The auto number revealed that it was Rashid’s auto, and inside the auto, Mahesh’s mobile was also found by the police.”

Leepa Chakraborty: The inspector ordered his men to keep an eye on Rampal and Vinod. His next step, whatever name was on the call list of Rashid’s mobile phone and to call all of them to the police station for interrogation. And they did the same, the men indicated on the call list came to the police station, some of them were friends of Rashid and some of his relatives. But talking to all of them, the inspector did not get much.
Suddenly, the inspector found a name on Rashid’s mobile, whom Rashid had never called.
His name was Abdul. Inspector called him to the police station as well. Abdul reported in the police station immediately. Abdul was the same person who brought Suman home on that stormy night.
The inspector asked him, “Do you know Rashid?” Abdul replied shaking his head, “Yes sir! I know him. Actually sir, I am also an auto driver, I met Rashid a few days ago.” Abdul said. “That is why we cannot tell much about Rashid. But when we met we would talk and drink tea together.”
After some silence, he started saying, “Sir, this thing started on the night of 14 January.” And then he told the facts that had happened to him and Suman on that stormy night.
Then he said, “I wanted to file a report at the police station, but Suman was being threatened, that is why I could not file a report.”
The Inspector then asked, “When and where did you meet Rashid for the last time?”
Thinking something, Abdul said, “On the night of the incident, I saw Rashid coming out of an STD booth with a little panic. When I stopped him, he said that he is in a hurry, he has to meet someone. Saying this he went away.” Inspector asked,”Do you remember which area the STD booth was, from where he called?”
After a moment of thinking Abdul said, “This STD booth is at Haveli nagar crossing. The rest information I got to know from Suman.”
On hearing this the inspector ordered his men to investigate the telephone booth of Haveli nagar crossing and he told Abdul to leave.
Next day the investigation report came to the hand of the inspector. Abdul was true, that night Rashid had a call from the booth, and the mobile number he dialed was Mahesh’s number.
There was no doubt that the culprit was of a very vicious mind.
Tracking of Mahesh’s mobile was done and the police reached according to the position indicated by the tracker.
The police searched the area and discovered an auto which was kept hidden among the bushes.
The auto number revealed that it was Rashid’s auto, and inside the auto, Mahesh’s mobile was also found by the police.
There was a water bottle inside the auto, in which a little water was used and the lid of the bottle was not properly closed.
The soil was wet and soft there because of dews at night. Police found foot prints on the soft soil near the auto rikshaw. Mobile and water bottle were sent for forensic examination, and footprints were also taken, and the place was cordoned.

It was evening, the inspector was sitting in his cabin, busy adding every links to this murder case. By now he had reached very close to the culprit, but he was waiting for a strong evidence, and along with Rashid’s post-mortem and forensic reports.
In the mean time a constable came and told him, “Sir, a truck driver wants to meet you.”
–“Send him”.
In a while a man came in. He said,”I have something to say about the death of a man named Rashid in Haveli Road, which was published in the newspaper.”
On hearing this, the inspector got shocked, he asked something sternly, “What is your name? What did you see? What were you doing there that night?” –“Sir, I am Manjit, a truck driver. I used to come from the Haveli road often. I was going through the same route that night too.
Suddenly I saw a man looking like sick or drunk and another one with him who hold him.
But as soon as my truck came close to them, the other man threw the sick one in front of my truck. Immediately I pressed the brake and drove the truck to the left, but couldn’t save him. But by then he was badly hit by my truck, I stopped the truck and came down. The man was badly wounded and his body was multilated. And that other man ran away with an auto. I got scared, I did not understand anything. May I not get stuck in it.
Due to this fear, I also ran away with my truck. I was out of the city till then, but I read this incident in the newspaper.
But this incident had become a burden on my heart, so I meet you as soon as I returned to the town, only to tell that it was a murder, not an accident.”
Inspector listened silently and then asked, ” Have you seen that other man’s face?”
“No sir.” said Manjit.
But one thing”.
Manjeet said after thinking for some time, “Sir, one thing, after pushing, he was breathing badly. He was having difficulty in breathing, it seemed as if he had respiratory problem, after that he pulled something out of his pocket. And he took it. All this happened in such a hurry that I could not see or fix anything properly. And nothing more than this I can tell, his face was also covered with shawl.
Inspector said, “Alright now you go, if needed I will call you again. But don’t go out of town.”
After he left, a laughter erupted on the lips of the Inspector. He said to one of his men, “Please present me all the reports as soon as the report comes out.”
The next day Poonam was called alone to the police station, and some questions were asked.

Then the inspector added all the links, except the post mortem and the forensic reports. And soon that report also came in hand. Inspector smiled and said, “Crime can never be hidden, get out the jeep quickly.”

(To be finished next sunday)

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