A terrible night(Suspence story)

Episode 9(Confession of the culprit)

“my heart was filled with hate. I was burning in fire of hate and revenge. And to get rid of this flame of hate, I made a plan to kill Savitri Devi.”

Leepa Chakraborty: The inspector with some constables went straight to Rampal’s house with the arrest warrant.
Seeing the police van in front of his house, Rampal gets nervous.
Before he could understand or speak anything, a constable came and put handcuffs in his hands and dragged him into the van.
Then put him directly in the lockup of the police station. Rampal did not protest, he supported the police proceedings silently. And then the police interrogation began, and Rampal was pressurized to show the truth sincerely.
After remaining silent for a while, Rampal finally broke into silence and started speaking,”Sir, I was about 20 years old when I started working at the medical shop of Savitri Devi as a salesman and now I am 55 years old.
At that time ‘Savitri Medical Shop’ was very small and not very profitable. My hard work not only helped this shop to earn profits, but it became the largest and most popular of the Kachari Road.
Taking this shop to a height had become one of the motives of my life, and I spent all my life trying to achieve this goal successfully.
My owner believed in me blindly, he left all the responsibilities of the shop to me, and I also never let his faith be proved wrong.
When the owner passed away, his wife, Savitri Devi took the charge of the shop.

I continued to work the same way sincerely and honestly. Savitri Devi had immense affection and faith upon me.
Meanwhile, her daughter Poonam was got married but unfortunately her son-in-law was stray and bad-tempered.
Her son in law Vinod’s shop was also in the same kachari road, but due to his loafing, his shop drowned and even came to a close.
Here the problem started. He would always demand money from Savitri Devi, if she refused, Poonam would have been tortured.
Meanwhile, once Poonam had fallen ill and her health deteriorated day by day, Savitri devi had gone to live with her.
At the same time, there was a lot of argument with Vinod about money, property and shops. Savitri Devi was very angry with this attitude of Vinod. She came back her home. After this, she never went back to vinod house again. To bring Savitri Devi under his control, Vinod continued to persecute Poonam. Poonam was even stopped visiting her mother.
All these things had a deep impact on Savitri’s mind, she always started getting upset.
One day it was heard that Poonam had run away from her in-law’s house to her mother.

Leaving home in this way gave rise to a controversy between the two families. But later a mutual agreement was established between them and Vinod took back Poonan his home again. After that, I don’t know what happened, Savitri Devi started getting angry on me, stopped coming to the shop and vinod started to look after the same. He started mishandling the cash of the shop.

He never failed to insult me on everything.The years of my hard work kept on robbing before my own eyes.
And in the same way, I continued to tolerate his arrogancy and when my capacity to bear was out of range, I had gone to meet Savitri Devi.
After hearing all, Savitri Devi called Vinod and as soon as Vinod arrived, there was a long arguments started between us.
But I was deeply hurt when Savitri Devi said, “Rampal, you are lying, Vinod is my son-in-law. Everything belongs to my daughter, so why would Vinod steal money from my shop?
But you can do this, and maybe you have been doing this for long time and till now, As we believed in you, we never kept an eye on you.
But Vinod has caught your theft, so you want to make Vinod guilty and get out of the way.
You are my old employee, But Despite you are accusing my son-in-law, I am not getting you out this time, but be careful.
From today Vinod is the owner of the shop and you will have to agree as he says, otherwise you can leave”.

After taking a deep breath, Rampal started speaking further,”Savitri Devi kept speaking and every single word of her kept stabbing in my heart.
Her words started repeating my mind, my eyes started blurring with the tears and my tongues started to tremble.
I spent all my life on that shop. Maybe that was my reward. my heart was filled with hate. I was burning in fire of hate and revenge. And to get rid of this flame of hate, I made a plan to kill Savitri Devi.
I sought help from Rashid for this work, Rashid was also a victim of the bad behavior of Savitri Devi and Vinod.
For a few days, we continued to maintain the shop like an obedient servant, our behavior was such that nobody even suspected that what is going on in our mind, and we keep looking in search of an opportunity.
And soon we got a chance, it was the night of 14 January, the weather was indicating to be bad since morning.
We came to know that due to poor health of Poonam, Vinod will not come to the shop and we made a plan using this opportunity.
The day kept getting longer and the weather started getting crazier, and our plan got easier.
In this work, I had a plan to use Mahesh’s lost mobile to divert the police investigation. Everything was going on according to the plan, suddenly a call from Vinod came. He had ordered medicines and injections for Poonam. Rasheed took his auto and went to Vinod’s home.
And I went to Savitri Devi’s house. She was having dinner at that time. I knocked on the door. She came out, I said Poonam is quite serious.
She got scared and ran towards telephone, but I said no one is at home, everyone has gone to the hospital, you come with me soon or it will be late. She ran after me madly, by the time Rashid had also returned, he hit Savitri Devi several times with his auto, then threw her into Haveli Road.”

“And why killed Rashid?” Inspector asked.
Rampal said, “Suman and Abdul were the only witness of our crime. So we always kept an eye on both.
And we had made a plan that whenever they become a threat to us, they have to be killed.
With this intention, Rashid ran with Suman in his auto, but Suman escaped and reached to you but Suman had also seen Rashid’s face. Rashid had become a threat to me, so he had to be killed as well.
So I invited Rashid to the Shiva temple on Haveli Road, Rashid came, he was very scared, I told Rashid, “You are so scared, you should not be so nervous, it can spoil the work. You take this anti-anxiety medicine, it will comfort you, then we will talk comfortably.
Rashid was so nervous that he took the medicine immediately. He could not think that I gave him a sedative of higher doze. And in a few moments, he started to falter, and as soon as I got a chance, I pushed him in front of a running truck. I am very sorry for this but I have no pity that I killed Savitri Devi. But I had a query why Savitri Devi insulted me and why did she doubt me.”

After hearing all this, Inspector put Rampal into the lockup and Poonam, Vinod were called to the police station.
Poonam was surprised to see Rampal, “Rampal uncle, you!”
Inspector asked poonam,”Tell me one thing, Savitri Devi who believed Rampal so much. Why did she suddenly lose her faith?”
Poonam bowed her head and said, “Sir, Vinod had shown some false videos against Rampal to my mother. I knew this, but I was silent for fear of Vinod.”
The inspector said with a deep sigh to Vinod, “Sometimes because of a man like you, a true person wanders off.”

(The End)

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