16th August: When Peacelovers were unmasked

Gautam Guha, Agami Kalarab: On this day exactly 74 years ago, Kolkata (then Calcutta) experienced its most violent convulsions. The infamous ‘week of long knives’ – an unprecedented orgy of loot, murder, rapes and molestation let loose on the city’s unsuspecting Hindus by Muslim League strongmen and goons that left 5,000 people dead, tens of thousands maimed and an estimated 1.2 lakh homeless- started with the call for ‘direct action’ on 16 August 1946 by League supremo Muhammad Ali Jinnah. United Bengal was then a Muslim-majority province with only 42 per cent Hindus, but Calcutta had 64 per cent Hindus and 33 per cent Muslims. Bengal was the only province in British India where a Muslim League government was in power. Jinnah further declared that he was going to “create trouble” and pledged “I will have India divided or India burned”. He gave a call for ‘Direct Action Day’ on 16 August 1946, where Muslims would observe a strike to demonstrate to the British their resolve for the creation of Pakistan. In what gives the lie to later claims that Jinnah was tolerant and secular, and exposes him as a bigoted radical Islamist. That day in 1946 was the eighteenth day of Ramzan, and it was on that day that Prophet Muhammad waged the bloody Battle of Badr which resulted in his first decisive victory over the heathens and the subsequent conquest of Mecca. Islamists celebrate the victory in this battle as a decisive one for Islam.

Devendra Panigrahi, in his seminal India’s Partition: The Story of Imperialism in Retreat, quotes Muslims must remember that it was in Ramzan that permission for jehad was granted by Allah. The Muslim League is fortunate that it is starting its action on this Holy month and day.” Ten thousands of agitated Muslims, baying for the blood of Hindus, streamed out of the rally and spread to different parts of the city armed with iron rods, swords and lethal weapons. A shop selling arms and ammunition belonging to a Hindu at Esplanade was the first to be attacked. The owner and his employees were decapitated. What followed was a one-sided orgy of violence in which thousands of Hindu homes and shops were attacked, Hindu men and boys brutally massacred while Hindu women were disrobed, raped and killed. Many were taken away as sex slaves. One of the worst massacres took place at Kesoram Cotton Mills at Lichubagan in the Muslim-dominated Metiabruz area, where a Muslim League leader, Syed Abdullah Farooqi, led a Muslim mob inside the compound of the mill where about 600 Hindu labourers, mostly Odias, were staying. They were all beheaded; just two survivors lived to tell the tale of Muslim brutality. Both had their arms hacked off and had been given up for dead, but they survived. Howrah station was a mass of humanity with Hindus desperate to board trains bound for other parts of the country. Hundreds of Hindu families, desperate to cross the Hooghly in country boats, were drowned when Muslims manning barges rammed their vessels into the country boats.

Gopal Mukherjee

In that time a youth has risen Sri Gopal Chandra Mukherjee, he called out to Hindu youths and members of his Bharat Jatiya Bahini to resist the attacks by Muslim League goons. By early morning of 18 August, small armies of Hindu youths were ready in Hindu localities to take on Muslim attackers. Suhrawardy and his Muslim League colleagues knew nothing of this build-up of Hindu resistance and started directing League criminals to Hindu areas from that morning again. But the Islamist goons and criminals received a nasty shock on 18 August morning. They faced resistance everywhere. Hindu youths counter-attacked with such ferocity that the Muslim League men had to flee. Over the next three days 18-20 August Muslim League goons were paid back in their own coin

It is not known whether the massacre of Hindu Bengalis will take place again in the way Islamization and jihadi claws are spreading all over West Bengal! Danger is imminent if not yet aware. Today, there is no Shyamaprasad, Gopal Mukherjee to protect us, so we have to protect ourselves from the reliance of fake secularists.
Since 1947, Marxist and Nehruvian historians and scholars have successfully whitewashed the grave crimes from textbooks to our minds. It is, thus, necessary to revisit history and set the record straight on Secularism & appeasement policy!

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